Haith Al-Insan Season 2

Haven For Humanity 2019

Haith Al-Insan

An annual program including 30 humanitarian projects in the fields of (education, health, development, and economic empowerment) implemented by the Tawakkol Karman Foundation. It aims to offer relief support and humanitarian support to the most vulnerable people because of the ongoing war in various provinces of Yemen. The projects are also documented in the form of television episodes published during the month of Ramadan on the Belqees satellite channel.

After Decades … Abdel-Khaleq Village Bids Farewell to Thirst

Tammy… the Pioneer of Pastries in Tarim

In Mahlyia ... Students Dream of Studying Under a Safe Roof

Eng. Anisa … Yes, I Can

Between Pavement and School

Water Reaches ِAl-Safha Village

A’hed … A Struggle with One Foot

Sun Beams Always Hits Rami

Rock … Paper … Scissors

Um Saad Opens the Door of Hope

Abdul Jalal … I Was Born Again

Computer Lab in the Middle of the Desert

Rescue from the Well

The Soft Keyboard Story... Three Girls and a Dream

Dream (Ahlam)... Became a Reality

A Small House and Work Opportunity

Tailoring Future with Soft Fingers

Dessert for Life

A Life on the Margin of the Map

Najat ... Brings the Barren Land Back to Life

Za’ima and Her Daughter ... A Dream in the Palm Valley

Education First ... Victory is for the Students of Nassab School

The Oldest Hospital in Taiz is Preparing to Face the Pandemic

Hajar...Hope of the Forgotten in the Cottage

A Life Project in the Land of Displacement

Ubab … A Village Stuck in Isolation and Epidemics

From Aden to Mukalla ... Um Ayman’s Journey of Struggle

Batekat ... Life in Colors

Battered Women Shelter... a Step Towards the Path of Salvation

A Diver with Half Body

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