Economic Empowerment Program

The specter of poverty deprives people of the minimum standard of accepted human life. The state of deprivation and disability that children of poor communities experienced requires big efforts to help them become active and productive individuals.

The Foundation’s work in the Economic Empowerment Program works on changing the idea of aid and relief into support and development, this approach excludes the view of the poor as burden on societies, rather re-consider the poor as valuable economic actors when their abilities and skills are discovered, their confidence is restored.

The Foundation works on providing individuals of both genders with the training, tools, project incubators, and marketing mechanisms required in technical and professional fields. And provide them with the skills that enable them to create job opportunities for themselves and others in many reign followed by an expansion of business activities from one region to another.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation has equipped a tailoring shop for a family in Mukalla city, in Hadramout governorate, to help them provide for their livelihood.

Many farmers in Yemen need support so that they can better export their products to the market using modern methods, and this facilitates a lot of effort and saves time for them, as well as helps


Racism continues to be part of the culture of many societies, despite the humanitarian efforts of many international institutions to overcome this humanitarian predicament.

Wars have many negative repercussions, one of which is displacement, unemployment, and failure to make ends meet. In Yemen, many have been displaced as a result of the war and have lived in


Tawakkol Karman Foundation empowered a family of war victims to launch its commercial project, which reintegrates the family into society and helps them meet the requirements of living in the


Tawakkol Karman Foundation has supported a family in Socotra with an income-generating project that helps them face the burdens of life on the remote island, which has been absent from state


Tawakkol Karman Foundation provided a worker with disabilities in Abyan governorate with an income-generating project that fulfills his aspirations to live in dignity and face the high prices and


Tawakkol Karman Foundation established production and service projects for the most vulnerable, marginalized, poor, and needy women in Al-Mahra Governorate, to enable them to face the difficult


Suitable and safe environment for workers is the priority of the workplace, and this is what should be focused on, especially in developing countries, because working in an unsafe environment may


The story of the relationship between people and the sea is endless, and such stories show the struggle of humanity to live in dignity with their families, especially in Yemen due to the ongoing


We believe that development is a human right for all and that every person deserves a good life. With our commitment to achieving this noble goal, Tawakkol Karman Foundation has established a


Postponed ambitions will come to light, even after a while, whenever there is a determination by the surrounding community.

In June, Tawakkol Karman Foundation launched “Musanada” Youth Initiatives Program to support and fund Yemeni youth with ambitious initiatives.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation supported a family in Mukalla city, in Hadramout governorate, and built a kiosk to help them face the harsh living conditions.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation has funded cars and motorcycles spare parts store in Abyan Governorate for a displaced family from Hodeidah Governorate.

TKF funded livestock project for Khatama Ali from Hajar District, Hadhramout

Tawakkol Karman Foundation has established a grocery for a destitute family in Wadi Al-Nakhil in Hajar district of Hadramout governorate, enabling them to face the harsh conditions of life.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation has equipped a laboratory for training in the confectionery industry in Atturba city in Taiz Governorate.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation has equipped a center for training and qualifying women in the field of sewing in Atturba city in Taiz.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation provided a family from the Al-Juba district in Marib with a small house and business to help them cope with the harsh living conditions.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation enabled three women in Tarim city in Hadramout governorate to establish their project to meet the burdens of living.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation provided a shop for Abdul-Jalal, an IDP in Taiz city, to help him and his family meets the requirements of living in the city whose people suffer the repercussions of


Tawakkol Karman Foundation provided Um Saad from Haran Dayan village, in Tuban district, Lahj governorate with a project in livestock breeding, through which she could meet the requirements of


Tawakkol Karman Foundation assisted the young man Bashir to start his own business in Aden, to sustain his family and treat his sick children.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation has equipped a cafeteria with all its needs and requirements for a war-wounded A’hid n Taiz governorate, who lost his left foot in the war, and damaged his right


Tawakkol Karman Foundation provided a shop selling nuts and raisins in the city of Taiz for a teacher who had fled from Raima governorate, fleeing the Houthi militia, which forced him to leave,


Despite the many restrictions that society imposes on women and monopolizing some professions for males only, the technician Anisa Al-Salami broke those societal barriers and restrictions and


Tawakkol Karman Foundation assisted a displaced woman who was hit by Houthi mines two days before her wedding, which was later canceled, in Taiz Governorate.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation funded small enterprises for four blind people in Hadramout Governorate, as part of a series of development interventions provided by the Foundation in most Yemeni


Tawakkol Karman Foundation implemented a small enterprise for a displaced woman in Ibb governorate, to help her meet the living requirements with her children and her sick husband.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation has funded a displaced family of orphans from Taiz to Ibb with a small project that helps them face harsh life.

In the vast desert of Al-Jouf, under the sweltering heat of the sun during the day, and the cold at night, Houthi militia killed three civilians from one family, a disabled father, and his two


Jamila is a woman who has both legs amputated from the knee, by a landmine planted by Houthis in Taiz Governorate, which is now plagued by hundreds of thousands of mines.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation funded an income-generating project for a civilian hit by a Houthi landmine that damaged his foot, in Taiz Governorate.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation has renovated the fishing boat of three fishermen in Aden which was damaged by Cyclone Chapala, which struck Yemen in 2015.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation established a sewing workshop for a group of women who work to support their families in Crater, Aden.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation funded 20 small projects in a popular market in Tur Al-Baha district in Lahj governorate.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation funded a woman to open her project to sustain her children after she struggled by selling samosas in Ibb Governorate.

Tami Saleh - a mother of three children - lives in a poor neighborhood in Tarem city, in harsh conditions after losing her breadwinner and their source of livelihood. Tami turned her simple house

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