Art and Creators Care Program

Art is an effective means of shaping societies' awareness and highlighting their human activity in many creative forms and styles, as well as its ability to deliver messages of peace and moderation, a culture of respect for others. It brings nations closer together and gains status and influence throughout history. It also helps creative individuals with their many abilities and skills to innovate, bring new ideas and employ imagination in order to form reality, find solutions and anticipate the future. Societies possess real wealth, which is embodied in human energies that are capable of creating and influencing various fields, including art. Therefore, the Tawakkol Karman Foundation is interested in supporting them to activate their pioneering role in spreading the values of peace and aesthetics and exerting a positive influence on people's lives.

On Friday, October 15, Tawakkol Karman Foundation held a special celebration on the 59th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution in Istanbul, Turkey.

Today, Friday, October 7, 2022, Tawakkol Karman Foundation honored the Yemeni readers; Ibrahim Al-Jundi and Bilal Al-Aghbari, winners of 8th International Holy Quran


Tawakkol Karman Foundation announced the sponsoring of two talented Yemeni children; Karim and Muhammad, who performed

On May 30, 2022, Tawakkol Karman Foundation organized a book signing event for the Wind Holder Song Anthology by the Yemeni poet Amer Al-Saeedi.

On Sunday, February 2, 2022, Tawakkol Karman Foundation sponsored Edrak Festival for Yemeni Short Films in its second season, implemented by the Yemeni Students Union


On Thursday 23 December 2021, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights activist, Tawakkol Karman, honored the Yemen national football team for winning the West


Development | December 2021

The TKF continues to fund the training project for film/content creators. The Foundation aims to prepare Yemeni students, in several Turkish


Development | November 2021

Filmmaking is concerned with the production of innovative and creative ideas; it has an impressive capability of transforming ideas into


Peacebuilding | December 14, 2019

Ayoub Tarish Al-Absi is a famous Yemeni musician who sang for Yemen (the


Development | December 2019

The fierce war over the past 5 years brought with it horrific violence, of which its first victims were innocent children. The war turned


Development | October 2019

Cinema is the art that conveys the data of thought and life in a common language of understanding and makes a real impact in shaping the


Peacebuilding | September 2019

Youth in Yemen constitute the largest segment of society, with 20 being the


Peacebulding | June 1, 2019

The war that has been raging in Yemen for four years has had negative consequences on various sectors in Yemen. Culture, art, and means of

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