Jusoor Program

The work of the Tawakkol Karman Foundation in the Jusoor project stems from the idea of ​​extending lines of communication between cultures, countries, and societies. And to positively interact with each other to create a space for discussions on contemporary Arab and global issues.

TKF looks forward to working with specialized institutions in global and regional forums to help spread culture and knowledge among different peoples and to provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and opinions while respecting the cultural uniqueness of people. And it aims to strengthen human ties and bring all human beings together by breaking negative stereotypes about countries towards each other.

On Friday, March 10th, 2023, Tawakkol Karman Foundation organized a panel discussion titled "Yemen: The Impact of War on Women's Rights" as part of its "Jusoor"


Tomorrow, Friday, March 10th, Tawakkol Karman Foundation will be hosting a panel discussion entitled "Yemen: The Impact of War on Women's Rights" as part of its


On May 30, 2022, Tawakkol Karman Foundation organized a book signing event for the Wind Holder Song Anthology by the Yemeni poet Amer Al-Saeedi.

On Thursday, March 24th, Tawakkol Karman Foundation (TKF) held a symposium entitled “Racism in a Pluralistic World” as the first event of Jusoor Program for this


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