Road & Infrastructure Maintenance Program

The construction and development of infrastructure is an essential building block that plays a key role in improving the living standards of communities. Some societies suffer from deteriorating infrastructure as wars destroy them in part or in whole. This causes people to suffer more. The Tawakkol Karman Foundation recognizes the importance of rehabilitating and maintaining roads and infrastructure and how they directly impact people's lives, transportation, education and productivity. Therefore, the Foundation works to reduce the negative repercussions on people through re-maintaining of roads and infrastructure in order to return to normal in providing the necessary and sustainable services to empower people and improve the conditions of community life.

After nearly seven months of continuous work, Tawakkol Karman Foundation completed the road widening and paving project in Jarah

On Thursday, May 25, 2023, Tawakkol Karman Foundation completed a road paving project in the Jarah area in Al-Masrakh Directorate of Taiz,

Residents of Al-Daera Al-Handasya neighborhood used to go through a long and winding road to reach their homes due to the lack of a road.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation announced that it will sponsor the project of opening and paving the Jarah sub-district in the Al-Misrakh District, Taiz Governorate after


Tawakkol Karman Foundation has funded a project to build a rainwater drainage channel between the village of Beyout Al-Aden and the city of Ibb in Al-Dhahar district. The village is inhabited by

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