Art for Peace

Societies immersed in violence will need to rebuild their relationships with themselves and others, and art is a qualitative means that can achieve this goal and push it toward sustainability.

Art is an emotional expression that transcends hatred and tears the social fabric. It eliminates social differences between individuals and expands the space for sympathy, tolerance, and understanding by building bridges of openness and respect for others.

Just as art expresses the culture, ideas, and perceptions of individuals and countries, it facilitates understanding for other societies without the need for languages, and it also plays a vital role in better dealing with differences and addressing conflicts peacefully.

TKF considers art an entry point for peace and its principles and values. Therefore, TKF is expanding its interest in various art forms to enhance the message of peace and prosperity.

Therefore, it works on many projects in the field of art, including encouraging artists, highlighting their efforts, and honoring the artist. And preparing programs that rehabilitate young people interested in art and documenting societal artistic memory.

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