Haith Al-Insan Season 1

Haith Al-Insan 1

Haith Al-Insan

An annual program including 30 humanitarian projects in the fields of (education, health, development, and economic empowerment), implemented by Tawakkol Karman Foundation. It aims to offer relief support and humanitarian support to the most vulnerable people because of the ongoing war in various provinces of Yemen. The projects are also documented in the form of television episodes published during the month of Ramadan on Belqees channel.

The tree students

Remote areas … and life without a doctor

A box of paper

Ma’shera’ … A trip to look for water

20 livelihood opportunities in Tur Al bahah market

Forgotten in the desert

Alsafeh school in Sakein Tobik

Krater small dreams

Physical therapy center … Disability is not the end

Al-Musbahi area in Rima … Life on the margin

Aden … Fishing trip

Al Nahda school… The house that was turned into school

Children of Camps

IDPs … Strangers in their country

Jamal Azani … A trip of struggle

Al Azareq … Twice distressed

Education can’t wait

The way to Aden houses

Jamila’s life

Al Maghraba … A strive for drinking water

Targeted hope from desert

Um Ahmad, freeing from the grasp of displacement

Ilham a story of struggle

Tareem Al-Ghanaa

Almonds tree

Hearts with insight

The book of the earth

Dreams growing under the sun

A flower on the cheek of Dalilah

Manakhah, harvest of clouds

Where the Humans tells its last story

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