Haven For Humanity 2019

Haven For Humanity

Haven for Humanity is a program of different sectors and aims that provide aid to the populations most affected by war; the first part of which was implemented during Ramadan 2019.

The tree students

Remote areas … and life without a doctor

A box of paper

Ma’shera’ … A trip to look for water

20 livelihood opportunities in Tur Al bahah market

Forgotten in the desert

Alsafeh school in Sakein Tobik

Krater small dreams

Physical therapy center … Disability is not the end

Al-Musbahi area in Rima … Life on the margin

Aden … Fishing trip

Al Nahda school… The house that was turned into school

Children of Camps

IDPs … Strangers in their country

Jamal Azani … A trip of struggle

Al Azareq … Twice distressed

Education can’t wait

The way to Aden houses

Jamila’s life

Al Maghraba … A strive for drinking water

Targeted hope from desert

Um Ahmad, freeing from the grasp of displacement

Ilham a story of struggle

Tareem Al-Ghanaa

Almonds tree

Hearts with insight

The book of the earth

Dreams growing under the sun

A flower on the cheek of Dalilah

Manakhah, harvest of clouds

Where the Humans tells its last story

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