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International efforts in the fields of sustainable development have made remarkable progress in improving people's lives. however, the development of societies at various levels has coincided with the emergence of contemporary global challenges that are accelerating, especially environmental challenges, inequality, racism, and conflicts.

The security, social, economic, political, and environmental pressures in many regions of the world reduce people’s ability to adopt peaceful options, and rather it pushes them towards more chaos and conflicts in which their societies are sinking. The solution to and embody the old and renewed problem that still constitutes an obstacle to the developmental process. And it embodies the same old and renewed problem that still constitutes an obstacle to the developmental process.

The challenges that face the developmental process and Peace-Building are like any other challenges that increase the political, social, and humanitarian cost on societies, which portends a real catastrophe whose negative repercussions are difficult to address.

Therefore, TKF is working on holding conferences aimed at shedding light on global problems in the areas of development. Peace-Building and defending human rights, among others. Conferences are held with the participation of a group of researchers, academics, and specialists who present working papers to discuss problems, analyze them, understand their contexts, and discuss practices, tools, and the most suitable ways to solve them.

Foundation News | December 18, 2021

TKF, based in Istanbul, organized a workshop that aimed to exchange ideas and proposals for the 2021 plan.

On Thursday, TKF celebrated the 10th Anniversary marking Ms. Tawakkol Karman's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize, with the presence of more than 600 personalities of


Peacebuilding July 14, 2021

TKF organized the publication ceremony this Wednesday for the book titled: “Yemen: Conflict of Interests and


Foundation News | November 20, 2020

To assess the educational process in the Leaders for the Future program, and view the conditions of the students awarded the Intensive


Peacebuilding | December 2019

The situation of Yemeni women before the February 11th Peaceful Revolution is different compared to after the revolution.

Peacebuilding | May 25, 2019

On the night of the twentieth of Ramadan, Belqees TV channel and TKF organized an iftar banquet under the slogan ‘Spirit and Art... the


Peacebuilding | April 27, 2019

The Democracy Index issued by the Economist ranked Arab countries among the last


Building Peace| March 2017

The current changes in the political scene in Yemen have brought about many changes

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