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TKF believes in values of freedom, solidarity and peace and considers democracy, rule of law and fair development a way to achieve a positive and sustainable change in individuals’ and communities’ lives. TKF, in cooperation with local and international partners, is aspiring to achieve these values through which freedoms, human rights and human dignity will be protected, as well as aspiring to end armed conflicts and mitigate their consequences, establish peace, stability and decent life conditions.


TKF’s vision is for communities that enjoy positive development, democracy and peace.


Tawakkol Karman Foundation is an endowment fund that strives to be a pioneer in the development, peacemaking, democratization, and good governance sectors, through the provision of development programs and training, mobilization and advocacy, aid, and relief programs. The foundation empowers women to take the lead in their communities, in cooperation with governments, civil society organizations, the private sector, and donor community, to serve humanity.

Peace building and Conflict Resolution

This program includes participation in peacebuilding efforts, resolution of local and international conflicts, encourage peaceful resolutions for conflicts and encourage dialogue and negotiation methods, also dissemination of the culture of acceptance of the others and coexistence between different communities and groups.


This program includes effective participation in combating poverty, provision of health care, build the knowledge community, accessibility of education for all, support the freedom of thoughts, culture, creativity and sponsoring scientific research and arts, environment protection and dissemination of environmental awareness.

Democracy and Promote Human Rights

This program supports the policies, procedures, projects and programs that aim to deepen democracy values, respect human rights and preserve human being dignity, combat repression, exploitation and corruption through promoting freedom, transparency and accountability.

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