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Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Program:

TKF endeavors to promote peace and resolve conflicts believing that any development or stability could not be achieved under conflicts and wars atmosphere, therefore the Foundation support any work that contributes to reach into mote stabled and peaceful communities and into a safer and more communicative world.

TKIF strives through this program to;
- Disseminate peace and coexistence culture at communities that witness conflicts or at post conflict communities and suffers from societal divisions;
- Promote peace and nonviolence through education and media outlets, including use of modern information technology and social media network;
- Employ culture for peace through adopting of international initiatives of dialogue and cultural exchange between peoples of the world;
Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights Program:
Democracy is the most advanced political and social system that mankind has developed so far. Democracy eliminates totalitarian, despotic and corrupt regimes and achieve equality between individuals, and protects public freedoms and human rights;
Democracy, also contains several principles that ensure building of active human being who involve in administrating the state and developing the community will his/her free will and freedom, therefore this program strives to support democratic transformations and culture at developing communities, through;
- Raising community awareness with democracy, citizenship and human rights concepts;
- Political empowerment to women, youth and ensure their involvement in decision-making process.