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Small Projects and Entrepreneurship Program:

TKF through this program aims to;
- Increase economic growth at the targeted communities;
- Alleviate poverty and unemployment rates through the employment opportunities created by small projects, increase income of poor, marginalized and limited income households.

Main Activities:
- Provision of easy loans;
- Training of individuals to establish and manage small projects;
- Disseminate success stories;

Conditions of Obtaining Easy Loans:
- Applicants shall be among limited income category or social group that needs support and economic empowerment such as women and youth;
- Applicant shall be among 18-30 years’ age group;
- Applicant shall have experience in the economic activity for which loan is requested, or shall have a certificate proves that he/she received a training on the subject-matter;
- The project shall be of economic viability and will improve applicant’s income;
- Applicant shall fulfil guarantee condition required by TKF to qualify for the loan;
- Fill application form available at the website.