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Small Projects and Entrepreneurship Program:

TKF sees that small projects are the most significant tributaries to economic and social development process. They also contribute to address poverty and unemployment problems and provide alternative option to individuals in creating employment opportunities or improve income.

TKF through this program aims to;
- Increase economic growth at the targeted communities;
- Alleviate poverty and unemployment rates through the employment opportunities created by small projects, increase income of poor, marginalized and limited income households.

Main Activities:
- Provision of easy loans;
- Training of individuals to establish and manage small projects;
- Disseminate success stories;

Conditions of Obtaining Easy Loans:
- Applicants shall be among limited income category or social group that needs support and economic empowerment such as women and youth;
- Applicant shall be among 18-30 years’ age group;
- Applicant shall have experience in the economic activity for which loan is requested, or shall have a certificate proves that he/she received a training on the subject-matter;
- The project shall be of economic viability and will improve applicant’s income;
- Applicant shall fulfil guarantee condition required by TKF to qualify for the loan;
- Fill application form available at the website.