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Health Care Program


WHO defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Therefore,

health is significant in creating a physically, mentally and ideologically fit human being, to be the cornerstone in all development process (as participant and beneficiary”, where no value for any progress made without human being been the goal and absolute value of such progress, consequently, the Health Care Program at TKF will work to achieve the following goals:
- Improve health conditions of vulnerable and deprived groups in the community, and alleviate people’s sufferings in accessing basic health services;
- Minimize maternity and illness rates among vulnerable and deprived groups;
- Promote partnerships between local and international organizations to work together and achieve national goals and millennium development goals at health priority areas;
- Health Care Program at TKJF, will focus on supporting official; local and international efforts in the targeted areas to achieve health goals relevant to all health human rights as stipulated in the international covenants and treaties and national constitution, through promoting policies that intend to improve the quality, accessibility and attainment of primary health care and health services by needy poor and deprived categories.

Interventions by TKF to Support Health Care Activities:
- Providing minimum level of basic health services and mobile health care units (when needed) to enable needy poor and isolated categories to attain such services easily, particularly during disasters and conflicts. Such services shall be impactful, sound, of high quality and commit to an adequate directive rules and principles;
- Rehabilitate health facilities and provide necessary health equipment and appliances needed for operating such facilities;
- Provide health education and awareness raising programs;
- Training for health staff;
- Conduct health surveys and assessments;
- Provision of health grants to poor and marginalized categories.

TKF will also work in interventions that prom promote health and public protective measures;
- Food security and good aids; delivery of adequate foodstuffs through distribution of food packages;
- Provision of sufficient clean drinking water;
- Hygiene advancement programs during emergencies;
- Environmental sanitation activities and good water management, and combating disease transmitting agents;
- Provision of adequate temporary shelter for needy categories and nonfood stuffs;
- Treatment of malnutrition among children and enfants;
- Health awareness and mobilize community’s potential, including drafting messages/discourse that include actual implementation of the abovementioned preventive measures.

Health Grants Provided by TKF;
This grants is available for critical health cases of poor and victims of crisis who are cannot afford treatment expenses, and the grant include treatment expenses and travel tickets for the patient.

Conditions for Application to Health Grant:
- Poor economic condition of the applicant for the health grant;
- Lack of capacity at the hospitals of applicant’s country to attend to his/her health case;
- The health condition of applicant needs immediate intervention or medication that will treat the case permanently or enables the patient to practice his/her normal life and perform his/her daily duties. Chronical diseases are not covered by this health grant, unless if chronicle disease deteriorated into serious symptoms that endanger patient’s life and needs immediate intervention.

Health Grant Application Procedures:
- Fill the application form available at the website, and attach applicable health reports of the case and contact information of the concerned physician or hospital who issued the report/s along with photos of the case;
- Approval of the Committee concerned with administrating Health Grants at TKF, to the grant;
- Recipient of the grant/his relative shall provide feedback on the case after treatment.