Female Journalists for Fair Peace in Yemen

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Tawakkol Kerman Foundation organizes in partnership with Nobel Women Peace Initiative a training program for Yemeni female journalists on the basic piece discourse for a sustainable peace in Yemen, with the participation of 15 Yemeni female journalists and activists from from different Arab countries, in Istanbul during 27 - 30 November 2018.

The training applies participatory approach and focuses on developing trainees skills in preparing media discourse that reflects Yemenis will and intention to reject violence and combat hate, sectarian and regionalism discourse as well as division calls, through the efficient use of social media and other media outlets.
The training also aiming to contribute in creating a solid and common ground for Yemenis to built new Yemen where democracy and role of law prevail.
In the opening session the executive-director if TKIF hoped that the training will promote the competences of Yemeni female journalists in dealing with international media in communicating their calls and discourse for fair and comprehensive peace in Yemen.