Tawakkol Karman Foundation (TKF) inaugurated its humanitarian relief in the needed aids.

Tawakkol Karman foundation (TKF) had inaugurated on Monday 5th of December 2016 its relief campaign which targeting all villages of Alsilw district, Taiz Governorate in Ne’mah Rassam school. Some of governor deputies, governor office manager, governorate security manager, many of organizations and institutions directors that works in relief and leaders of Taiz Governorate had attended this inauguration.

Misk Aljunaid, Executive director of Tawakkol Karman foundation (TKF), had mentioned in her speak that this campaign comes in the frame of foundation humanitarian relief that targets Yemen, which is expected to cover all areas that had shortage in food security, and no relief process reached to these areas. This campaign will distribute more than five hundred food baskets in Alsilw district as a first stage in which all areas of this district will be totally covered through this campaign.

In addition, Hayat Althubhani, the local coordinator of this campaign in the governorate, mentioned that a field staff had prepared database for the needed urgent aid families and this staff is the main responsible who will distribute the food baskets according to mechanism guarantee the arrival of these aids to the deserved families. She also emphasized that the food baskets caravan had departure directly after the inauguration of the campaign to Alsilw district in which the distribution process will be on the morning of Tuesday 6th of December 2016.

It is noteworthy that Tawakkol Karman foundation (TKF) is an foundation, which works in the humanitarian, rights, and peacebuilding fields and its activities focused on the areas and countries that suffer from conflicts and wars and Yemen becomes on the top of its priorities and targets list.