We believe in freedom, solidarity and peace.

Tawakkol Karman Foundation (TKF) is a non-profit organization working in all development fields and support the ideas, policies, activities and projects that participate in leading communities to democracy and development. TKF also works in spreading peace, establishing human goodwillvalues, violence, poverty and ignorance resistance and all forms of racism.
TKF believes in freedom, solidarity and peace concepts and considers democracy, sovereignty of law and fair development a way to achieve a positive and sustainable change in life of members and communities. TKF with partnership with its local and international partners aims achieving concepts that guarantee the saving freedoms, rights and human dignity and mitigation of armed conflicts and resolute them and open a door to build peace and stabilization and achieve a decent life.

Vision :

Toward a peaceful world, which Human dignity is protected and prosperity and harmony are prevailed.

Mission :

TKF seeks to be one of the pioneer global foundation in building peace and development and spreading the concepts of democracy and human rights by different available civic means with respect to the culture of each community and with cooperation with all governments and populations to serve human and save his/ her dignity wherever s/he is.

Work Fields

Building Peace

This program contains participation in peace building efforts, conflict resolution locally and internationally, encourage peaceful resolutions for conflicts and prevail approach to dialogue and mediations in addition to spread and enhance the culture of acceptance of the others and coexistence between communities and different groups.


This program include active participation in fighting poverty, health care, build the knowledge community, availability of education for all, support the freedom of thoughts, culture, creativity and support the scientific research and arts, protect environment and spread environmental awareness.

Support the Democracy

This program supports the policies, procedures, projects and programs that aim to establish the concepts of democracy, respect Human Rights and his dignity, resist repression, exploitation and pollution through enhancing the freedom, transparency and accountability everywhere.

Our Principles


According to this principle we adopt any efforts that work for the most vulnerable and most deprived groups in the community without any isolation or discrimination. 


We rely principles of transparency as a basis to all our activities, programs and transactions as all efforts that aims change to the bestwill collapse quickly if missed the transparency and clarity.


We believe that voluntary work is one of the most important stimulation and employment of human power to serve general goodness.


We realize that our commitment to work under the umbrella of laws, agreements and humanitarian and international criteria are what will form our pretty image that all respect.


Humanity to us is a high and sublime value its aim is giving to all people without exception or distinction.